Kadesh J Swanson

Kadesh J Swanson, born 1989, is a pipe maker from the lush forests of
Washington state.
Art has always been an integral part of his life. However it was pipe
making that became his primary medium for self expression in late 2013.

Kadesh has spent time working with Steve Liskey, Jared Coles and Jeff
Gracik. And he attributes much of his success to their continued
instruction and guidance. Kadesh derives inspiriation from makers around
the world but is particularly fascinated by the asthetic derived from
the Danish school of pipe making.

Kadesh is as meticulous in his pipe making process as he is with
material selection. Only sourcing materials from reputable names such as
Manno briar from Italy and Ebonite from SEM or NYH in Germany. All other
accent materials are personally hand harvested such as boxwood or bamboo.