Gustavo Cunha - marTelo

Gustavo Cunha, maker of marTelo pipes, is a nature and wood lover since he was a child. Born in Diamantina-1987, an old colonial village in the Minas Gerais State of Brazil, he had access to traditional wood turners that guided him to graduate in design, and after, furniture design specialization. Working in a Brazilian modernist furniture design office he had the chance to make some sketches and briars to his close friends, starting with freehands but yet classic shapes.
After visiting Eltang (Denmark) in October 2013 he began to consider pipe making as a profession and only one month after that meeting he bought all the necessary equipment to make his own workshop and became a full-time pipemaker. More recently he spent some time with Chris Asteriou and Konstantinos Anastasopoulos (Greece) honing his craft, and readily admits he was influenced greatly by the young Greek's work.
Today Gustavo make with passion and care his pipes (living pieces, special objects) using only full dried Greek and Mimmo briar that he himself select.