Pete Prevost

Pete Prevost started his pipe making career in 2008. Already a pipe smoker for many years, he decided to make his own pipe from a kit. He fell in love immediately, and began making kits during his time off from touring as a professional musician in the Grammy-nominated band Sanctus Real.
Pete started learning proper pipe making skills from Jody Davis, and then met Todd Johnson in 2009. Pete worked alongside Todd, learning how to make high-grade pipes from that point on, and in 2013 he helped start the U.S. pipe factory BriarWorks.
Although he is no longer a touring musician, but serving as the Executive Vice President and Director of Production for BriarWorks, Pete still manages to make a limited number of handmade pipes throughout the year. Pete's highest graded pipes are stamped "BELL" after his children's initials. He resides right outside of Nashville Tennessee with his wife and two children.