Uwe Maier

My name is Uwe Maier, I was born i 1965 and live in Balingen, Germany,
I ventured into pipe smoking as a young man during my time at sea when I travelled around the world for several years. As many a young soldier, my pay only allowed me to buy only inexpensive pipes.
As the, today I find many of the standard shapes very industrial and I focus my work on pipes that appeal to my own individuality and some with extra ” sex appeal”. My desire to create my own interpretations was hindered by my lack self confidence to trust in my unfounded skills.
That was then and this is now. The charm of pipe making allows me to satisfy high quality technical construction without restricting my creations to any particular shape, allowing individualism to run wild regarding shape and finish.
I use briar from Spain and use acrylic stems, which are more flexible to work with.