Chris Asteriou

Chris Asteriou was born in September 24, 1980, in Athens Greece. Since 2000, he has been working in several Architecture and Design studios in Athens, Greece.
His ‘journey’ in the world of pipe smoking and tobacciana begun in 2004. He immediately was taken by the form, beauty and function of the pipe as a smoking instrument along with the complex pleasure of smoking pipe tobacco.
Making his first pipe was only a matter of time. Since then (2007) I am a hobby pipe maker running a workshop in Athens, Greece.

He gets his inspiration from English factory pipes, made in early 20th century where functionality and simplicity meet in the most harmonious way. Moreover, contemporary Danish masters set standards in hand made artisan briar pipes. The puzzle is completed by Russian and Eastern European pipe makers of nowadays, which took the ‘freehand’ concept much further.

He works with properly dried Greek briar, which is known for its excellent smoking qualities and sweet taste and hand-cut mouthpieces are made from high quality German ebonite. The tenons are turned from the same stock and are reinforced with stainless steel tubes for additional strength. His pipes are stamped, name, logo and number /year of make.