Scott Klein

Scott Klein was born in 1986 in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. As a young man and high school student, he studied all aspects of various trades, including: building construction, wood shop, automotive technology, 3D design, electricity, and plumbing. Needless to say he was always looking for ways to sharpen and perfect his talents. Upon completion of high school, he completed an associates degree in business, and at the same time worked in various trades including but not limited to: construction, fine woodwork, painting, and remodeling. 
 In the Spring of 2010 following the Chicago Pipe show, he began working on pipes under the expert tutelage of Alex Florov. As he spent many days in his shop, pipe making became an extension of his talents. His pipes were well received by the pipe community.He has been honored with the opportunity to work on pipes full time, and he could not be happier. 
High grade pipes are stamped with his handwritten initials SK.