Lars Ivarsson

Lars Ivarsson (*1944), the son of Sixten, early started to work in his father’s workshop. First he learned to clean pipes properly, then to make repairs like replacing a broken stem. In that way the earned some extra pocket-money. But it did not take long until he started to make pipes of his own and at the age of 16 he sold his very first pipe.
With a break for studies at the University of Copenhagen—he obtained a degree in Business economics there—Lars has been making pipes for all his life. He is a great lover of nature and today he lives with his wife and two dogs in a beautiful surrounding in the northern part of Zealand.
Nature is a great inspiration to Lars when creating his pipes. But inspiration to a new shape may also come from a landscape indoors, like an aquarium. That was how the shape Blowfish was born.
The fish is also a symbol stamped on the very best pipes (the average is 1.7 pipes a year). Some extremely fine pipes may also have a double fish. In summer 2009 two pipes had got that highly valued symbol.