Yorgos Mitakidis

Yorgos was born 1993 in Thessaloniki where he still lives. When Yorgos bought his pipe and tobacco in 2012 this brought back a lot of memories when a friend to the family always had a pipe in his mouth and also have all the accessories that comes with our hobby.

Shortly after this a friend offered him a job in a workshop where they made traditional bagpipes and the experience from the tools and the machinery inspired him to manufacture things of his own so in 2017 he opened his own workshop for making pipes.

Yorgos get most of his inspiration from classic English shapes which he execute with the highest precision from premium quality briar wood from all the Mediterranean countries, the mouthpieces are made from German ebonite. Yorgos often use silver, brass, horn, bamboo and other materials on his  pipes that have a stamp with his name, the track number and the year of making.