Nanna Ivarsson

Nanna Ivarsson, the third generation of pipemakers in the Ivarsson family, is the daughter of Lars. And she started making pipes even earlier than her father. Already at the age of nine she sold her first pipe, indeed an early start for a pipemaker.
Nanna learned pipe-making from her father, but having finished school she started to work with her grandfather in his workshop in Copenhagen. But as most young people she also wanted to try something else and began an education to become an industrial designer. That education lasted for five years and having finished that, she was working in that profession for another two years. Then the desire to make pipes was so strong that she decided to go back to her earlier profession.
In 2007 Nanna moved to New York. A lathe and other things were shipped from Denmark, so that she could continue working there. Nanna liked it a lot in Brooklyn, where she lived, and had probably stayed much longer, but on a visit to her home country she met her husband to be. That changed her plans completely and she moved back to Denmark.
Today Nanna is living in a small town south of Copenhagen close to the sea. And in October 2008 she gave birth to a son who was christened Sixten, a tribute to her most beloved grandfather.