Zhang Guohui

Zhang’s workshop is based in ZheJiang, China,
He started his briar business in 2015. From then on, he became friends with many pipe makers, and learned a lot about the history and trend about pipes.
He noticed there were workshop making massive copies of the master pipe makers designs in the name of tribute pipe.
In 2017, he started learning the processes how to make pipe with quantity and good quality and he set up a workshop to collaborate with established pipe makers. During that time, he got the help from Ping Zhan, Xu Hai, Ren Bin, Michail Revyagin and Boris Starkov.
In 2019, he began to make the collaboration pipes with the pipe makers’ authorisation.
For now, there are many pipe makers collaborating with Zhang Guo Hui Pipe Workshop, such as Ping Zhan, Ren Bin, Michail Revyagin,Boris Starkov, Cornelius Mänz, etc..

All stummels (the briar) is made with a CNC copy machine,  the mouth piece is handmade from German ebonite.

The 40 layer of Chinese lacquer made from natural resin is applied by hand, one layer each day so the process is very time consuming. The end result is a very strong surface resistant to heat and it does not the effect the quality of smoking. The pipes act in the same as a Japanese pipe with Urushi lacquer.