Steffen Müller

In 2009 Steffen made his first pipe out of interest and without having planned discovered the perfect way to express himself as an artist. His first pipes were well received in German and American pipe forums and got good feedback from other pipe makers as different as Roger Wallenstein and Cornelius Mänz. At the end of 2009 Steffen built up a workshop and from 2010 started selling his pipes.
Being mainly self taught Stefen had some tutorage from Bertram Safferling and listened closely to advice offered by Cornelius Mänz and Rainer Barbi.
My pipes are made from carefully selected blocks of briar. Kommunicating with the wood before making a pipe is a very important part in my creative process. While shaping, which is completely done freehand, I almost feel like a diver following the lines of some marine structure.
But as well as having a fascinating design a pipe must also be uncompromizing in terms of functionality, so I pay a lot of attention to engeneering and details.
I personally don't like too many different materials on one pipe as in my eyes they can distract from the general shape idea. In most cases briar and ebonite are all it takes for me to say what I have to say in a pipe.