Michail Kyriazanos

I was born in 1989 and raised in the Aegean island of Paros.  I studied electrical engineering in Athens when I started to smoke pipes. A Stanwell Zebrano was my first pipe and I was amazed by the new world I was getting in.
Inspired by the work of 2 amateur Greek makers I decided to get some tools and start working on make pipes for myself.
Gradually I was asked by other smokers to make them a pipe, so I started to get more and more involved with design and making pipes. I was amazed by the synthesis process of a pipe in many ways.
I still prefer to smoke classic shapes and most of my pipes back then were classic shaped billiards, bulldogs and dublins.
Later I started to make more and more freehand shapes  and work on my favorite forms of Danish pipe makers.
On 2013 after I bought my first metal lathe and started to make my stems with integral tenon, I decided that my pipes have the quality to be sold outside Greece and I turned into a full-time pipemaker.