Jared Coles Pipes

Jared Coles started making pipes in 2009, with a pipe kit. As he progressed, he studied under Jeff Gracik of J. Alan pipes, and honed his skills.
In 2011, he formed J&J pipes along with his good friend John Klose, and they continued to make pipes together until the end of 2015. They developed many techniques, tools and styles that Jared still carries with him. In 2016, They decided to develop their own brand of pipes to explore their own signature styles.
Jared draws much of his influence from Danish and Japanese pipemakers, with a focus on elegance and flow of lines.
Each pipe is created using well cured, vetted and sourced Mediterranean briar. All stems are made using ebonite from trusted sources, with occasional guest materials if the pipe absolutely requires it. Materials used for ornamentation will be varied, but will be chosen to give the pipe the most unified and complete aesthetic, as badly chosen or applied accents can give the appearance of gaudiness.

Each pipe will be stamped with Jared's logo, initials, and the year. The number of the pipe for that year will also be stamped. For example, the pipe numbered 16 - 37 would be the 37th pipe in the year 2016.