Scottie Piersel

Scottie Piersel was born and lives in Kansas City.
She has developed her own unique style as a pipe maker.
Heavily influenced by the English canon and mentored by many of the greatest North American pipe makers and repairmen, her work is characterized by classic shaping, an emphasis on function over form, clean minimalist lines, and a playful flair. Her most iconic designs are her long, delicate, pencil shanks.
An homage to the clay pipes of the past, these pencil shanks may appear perilously thin, but Scottie has lined each one with thin-walled, stainless steel tubing which runs the entire length of the shank.
This makes these pipes not only extraordinarily elegant, but durable as well.

Each pipe Scottie makes is hand crafted with special attention to what
matters in a good pipe: precision engineering, comfortable hand cut stems, and
an understanding of not only how a pipe will smoke out of the box, but how it
will smoke in 30 years. She uses premium briar for the bowls and the finest
German ebonite or Juma for the stems. You won't find many Danish style
freehands or large art pieces in her portfolio, just good old-fashioned pipes
with a modern flair.