Sixten Ivarsson

Sixten Ivarsson (1910-2001) was undoubtedly the most influential Scandinavian pipemaker during the last century. He was born in Sweden but moved to Copenhagen in the 30s and stayed there for the rest of his life. During WWII, when the supply of most necessities in life was short, he happened to break the stem of his pipe. That incident actually made him a pipemaker.
Sixten Ivarsson started to repair pipes in a workshop called Suhr’s Pibereparation and there he also made his very first pipes. During that time he also started to cooperate with the Stanwell factory and made some shapes for them. That cooperation was to last for many decades.
In 1951 Sixten started on his own and a few years later he moved into a workshop, situated close to the pedestrian street Strøget in central Copenhagen. There he was to stay for the rest of his life.
Sixten created a new style of pipes and a new way in making them. Besides being an excellent pipemaker he was a brilliant teacher and among his pupils are world-famous names like Lars (his own son), Bo Nordh, Jess Chonowitsch and Jørn Micke.