Ken Barnes

Ken Barnes - English Pipe-maker.
I was born in 1955 and, aged 13, I first worked with pipes at the Charatan factory in London during school holidays and at 16, I worked in the Charatan shop in Jermyn Street, London.
From 1973-1977 I was trained at Charatan in the art of pipe-making by craftsman Barry Jones and Joan Nicholson, both of whom worked with Reuben Charatan in the 1950s.
In 1978, two years after the Dunhill takeover, I formed my own pipe manufacturing company with Barry Jones called The Tilshead Pipe Co. producing James Upshall Pipes. I ran this company for 11 years and finally sold my shares in 1989.
Two years ago, after a 27-year break from pipe-making, I had the urge to make a few really fine high-grade English classical shapes which I am now making in Cornwall, England - I adore making pipes!