In 1974, as an autodidact, he made a pipe for his own pleasure. he enjoyed the project so much that after a year of pipe-making his first pipe was offered for sale at a German pipe merchant’s. Within three years he gave up his original profession as a qualified sports teacher and have been a fully professional pipe-maker since 1979.

Simplicity counts: the taste, the quality of the wood and the colour are the most important criteria for him. The taste must be agreeable, capable of inspiring. The quality of the wood can be immediately recognised with the eye. As regards form, he orientates himself to classic pipe forms, keeping them as simple as possible. And the quality of the hand-made mouthpiece out of natural rubber is as important as the quality of the bowl.
He has a special kind of drilling and uses only the best bruyere wood. His pipes apply worldwide to be one of the best in taste.