Li Bing

Li Bing was born in 1966. Before making pipes, he was a mechanic, and also teaching benchwork in a technical school for 18 years. 

In 2005, he setup his workshop for pipe making called 'Three Flavors'. Therefore all his pipes are stamped with the number 3.
Since then, he put all his heart into pipe-making. He is a picky pipe smoker, and a pickier pipe maker.  He put a lot of time to study the classics, not only the looks but also the inside. He is a old fashioned Chinese, he loves Chinese art and philosophy, and he tries to put Chinese flavors into his works. His pipes are mostly made of Chinese briar(Dahurian buckthorn). The Chinese briar is denser and harder than the briar, but the grain is unique and interesting.  

He makes about 50 pipes per year.