Stanislav Kamensky

Stanislav Kamensky born in 1977 is a pipemaker from Russia. He lives and works in Moscow. After a decade of pipesmoking, Stanislav realized that he can’t resist the desire to make pipes by himself. After a period of hobby-pipemaking, Stanislav decided to get involved more deeply. He started as a profy-pipemaker in early 2010. And in 2011 he took the 3rd place in “Best Billiard” Russia/Ukraine contest.
Stanislav is mostly self-taught but he is grateful to Boris Starkov, M. Revyagin, Armen Aivazyan and Alex Florov for lots of useful tips and info.
His pipes are often influenced by works of Sergey Ailarov, M. Revyagin, Brad Pohlmann, Kurt Balleby, Tao, Alex Florov…
As engineer and pipesmoker Stanislav pays attention to the smoking qualities of the further pipe: ”First of all – I’m focused on proper “engineering”. The precise drilling, stem with the polished smokechannel, mouthpiece with “deep V” gap, etc… All these things (with good briar of course) make a pipe tasty and easy to smoke.”
For his pipes Stanislav uses the Italian and Spanish briar, top quality German ebonite and cumberland and various exotic materials for decorations.
Annual production is about 60 pipes.